What can WordPress do?

This is my first blog on WordPress.

This should be fun.

I need lots of help in order to achieve my dreams.

My biggest obstacle is that some people stop my goals.

This year I will not argue. I will walk away.

This is the advice of Po  to his student “Grasshopper” from Kung Fu the tv series with David Carradine.

Oh!  That’s what I do with my son!  I am  teaching him wisdom just like Po taught his pupil. I do record our conversations:)

i also loved Bill Bixby in the Courtship if Eddies Father. He is serene & calm just like David Carradine.

I didn’t grow up with a dad.

I like Sanford & Son the tv show. I watched it as a kid; not as an adult.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was another show that I loved.

Some of these men must have shaped me because I loved them.